A Vindication of Chanel

A joint statement by Coco Chanel’s great-niece, Gabrielle Labrunie
and the President of the Société Baudelaire, Isée St. John Knowles

Following a year in which Coco Chanel’s war record was shamefully misrepresented, we believe it is time to assure her defenders world-wide that all slurs on her good name and conduct will be confuted.

It has not yet been decided whether this vindication will be released as a book, a documentary, or both.

We shall certainly be making our mark, however, in the coming months. Our response will draw its authoritativeness from Chanel’s hitherto undisclosed testimony to privileged wartime witnesses.

Our thanks go to the many historians, journalists and Internet users who, throughout these trials, have unreservedly upheld Chanel’s memory, standing bravely out against a weight of adverse opinion. We ask them to construe this statement as our expression of gratitude.


Gabrielle Labrunie

Isée St. John Knowles